• Just prepared those rib eyes and may be some of the best I have eaten. Literally so good!

    Aaron - Sylvania, OH
  • We have been very happy with our pork...  The meat is beautiful and tastes great! I am so happy to finally have access to delicious and well-raised pork.  Thank you for being a farmer!

    Jeannie - Belleville, MI
  • Thank you so much for your hard work and thoughtfulness in helping to provide clean food for our family. It is truly appreciated.

    Kristen - Cement City, MI
  • Quite simply the best beef imaginable... Moist, tender and incredible flavor.

    Matt - Toledo, OH
  • Thanks again for the beef. It's fantastic!

    Stan - Flat Rock, MI
  • The sirloin steak we had last night was fantastic!!!

    Jeanne - Petersburg, MI
  • The beef is some of the best ever! 

    John - Newport, MI
  • Thank you so much for what you do!! We had another exceptional cut of meat tonight, off of the grill no less! It is just wonderful to feel 100% confident in the quality of what I'm feeding my family, thanks again!

    Maggie - Maumee, OH
  • We roasted one of your chickens last night and it was absolutely delicious. The taste and texture are both so much better than conventional chicken, or even the organic brands from the stores. I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I saw that the fat was much yellower than a "normal" chicken. And the eggs are also superb! You certainly are doing the right thing on your farm and I am one very happy customer.

    Laurie - Dexter, MI
  • Had steaks tonight!  Customers for life!  Thanks to you and your family for providing such great quality food.  We are truly grateful.

    Aaron - Sylvania, OH
  • The beef is awesome!  It’s amazing!

    Tionya - Lambertville, MI
  • Yummmm! So we are really enjoying the beef - it has some of the best flavor I've had - we love it!

    Conrad - Ontonagon, MI
  • We've been enjoying both our beef and pork from your farm. The bacon is fantastic!

    Shannon - Flat Rock, MI
  • Everything is delicious! Just grilled t bones tender and yummy!

    Melissa - New Boston, MI
  • We just had steak and eggs and it was AWESOME! The flavour was magnificent, the meat so tender and the eggs were golden and delicious.

    Sue - Monroe, MI
  • The beef and pork are absolutely delicious. We are totally loving it!

    Jim - Okemos, MI
  • Purchased 1/2 a cow and am so glad we did. Best beef I've ever tasted!! Thank you Bill!

    Barb - Petersburg, MI
  • Just had our first meal (steak) from our first order with BP Farms and oh my goodness the flavor was absolutely awesome. Already put ourselves on the list for May. Well done BP Farms!

    Sue - Monroe, MI
  • We grilled some T-bones for dinner last night. They were the best grass fed steaks we have had in the years since we switched to grass fed. You must have some happy cows over there. Thanks!

    Phil - Allen Park, MI
  • It is so delicious. We are so happy with it. Thank you for such an exceptional product. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am so happy to finally be feeding my family meat that does not make me cringe in the inside every time I cook it! I love this!

    Lori - White Lake, MI
  • My wife and I just finished two delicious steaks and wanted to say thanks. This was our first time buying straight from the farm and your quality of product and packaging along with price greatly exceeded our expectations. When our freezer is empty you will be hearing from us again.

    Nick - Temperance, MI
  • We used the stew meat to made a stew tonight, and it was absolutely amazing!

    Shara - Deerfield, MI
  • THANK YOU! Our family just enjoyed the BEST T-Bone steak of our lifetime! Absolutely AMAZING! :) Kudos to BP Farms, LLC!

    Jackie - Ontonagon, MI
  • Best. Eggs. Ever!!!

    Mark - Ann Arbor, MI
  • Best steak ever!

    Stacey - Temperance, MI
  • We just had pork chops with home grown mash potatoes - and it was super. I fried some bacon this morning to make a BLT for lunch - the bacon looked so different to supermarket - it does make you wonder what we really eat! Delicious!

    Sue - Carleton, MI
  • We had our first pork loin roast tonight for dinner. Wow, was it good. Very tender and moist. We are very happy with our purchase. We had some of the sausage a couple nights ago, also excellent. Thanks for producing not only healthy, but delicious food. You have a repeat customer with us. 

    Daniel - Dearborn, MI
  • We're thankful for your commitment to true grass fed and pasture raised animals. The pork is wonderful!

    Mahrya - New Boston, MI
  • Our one word to you is: awesome!!  The chicken and eggs are wonderful!  Thank you again :)

    Debra - Monroe, MI
  • We had one of the roasts today and it was so AWESOME!

    Dennis - Wyandotte, MI
  • We all loved your eggs, especially the bright orange yoke just like in my childhood days. We'll soon be back for more!

    Durjay - Canton, MI
  • Thanks, Bill. The beef is delicious!

    Mary - Lambertville, MI
  • Had your rib steaks last night and they were terrific. Thanks again for doing such a good job keeping us well fed. We really appreciate it!

    Laurie - Dexter, MI
  • Thanks again on the pork. Impeccable quality.

    Tom - Erie, MI
  • Just wanted to say that we have been eating some of the pork and it is excellent. We can absolutely tell the difference in quality from the pork we buy at the store! Thanks

    Eric - Holly, MI
  • I had pork chops today and they were the best pork chops I've ever had.

    Jessica - New Hudson, MI
  • Wow! Don’t know what you did to the beef this year, but it is AMAZING.  This is the best one yet!!  Thanks for your service.

    Jason & Lori - White Lake, MI
  • The meat is wonderful! We definitely want a half a cow for the next time you have it available. Thank you for delivering such a high quality product! It does not disappoint. Also, I cooked my first chuck roast ever and it was amazing. Love this meat. Thanks.

    Jenny - St. Claire Shores, MI
  • This meat is epic not only does it cook great it tastes amazing with every meal and cookout.

    Alijah Villian - Howell, MI
  • Great meat excellent customer service, Bill is awesome and the meat is the greatest I have tasted.

    Erin Cheyne - Howell, MI