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(1) The amount of meat you get per lb hanging weight depends on how the meat is cut and the percentages above assume standard cutting. The more meat that is ground the less weight in cuts of meat you’ll get per pound hanging weight because of bones that are cut out. For beef, the difference in hanging weight to weight of the cuts is because the beef is dry aged and loses water in the aging process. For standard cutting all the lost weight is water weight. You'll still get all of the meat that's in the hanging weight in cuts of beef. Compare that to most beef in the store which is wet aged. Wet aging means not only did the beef not lose water weight it also had water added to it to increase the weight. For most beef and chicken in the stores you are paying for the weight of water or saline that was injected into the meat and it can easily be 15% of the weight.

(2) Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) is NOT the same as organic and it is in no way better than organic although all organic crops are also non-GMO. Non-GMO food that is not organic is full of chemicals including a wide variety of pesticides, herbicides, and petro-chemical fertilizers. Non-GMO crops are heavily sprayed and they are sprayed with more chemicals than conventional GMO crops. The chemicals used on feed crops collect in the animals that eat the crops and you injest those chemicals when you eat their meat.

We take beef to the butcher year-round. Availability for beef is just a matter of getting on the list early; we generally run 3 to 4 months out. For pork we currently run two batches a year. One batch that is ready for pickup late spring and summer and another that is ready for pickup in late fall. We keep a full range of beef, pork, chicken, and egg products in stock and ready for immediate purchase.

Meat will keep longer and stay fresher in a deep freeze (with manual defrost) when the temperature is kept around 0 degrees F or below. A frost free freezer cycles between warmer and colder temperatures to allow the freezer to warm up to just above freezing to let the frost melt and then freezes again. A deep freeze stays at a relatively constant temperature. The higher temperature and cycling of a frost free freezer will make the meat freezer burn faster. But, there are plenty of people storing meat in frost free freezers just fine for months. All our meat is vacuum sealed in freezer plastic wrap which helps the meat stay fresh for long periods of time regardless of the type of freezer.

All meat is vacuum sealed in clear freezer plastic wrap and each cut is labeled. The meat is then immediately frozen to preserve quality. All meat (beef, pork, and chicken) will be frozen when you pick it up. It can be stored in a zero degree or below deep freezer, preferably not frost free, for up to a year.

We also put your meat in boxes so you don’t need coolers when you pick it up. If you want to make sure your meat stays frozen in warm summer weather for a long car ride you can bring blankets or sleeping bags to cover your boxes. We also keep our freezers very cold to help keep your meat from thawing on your way home.

We use a few different small family run butchers who do a great job. We almost never have any of the common butchering issues with our butchers (we don’t have bone chips in our ground beef, our stew beef isn’t full of fat, our steaks are nicely cut, the meat is vacuum sealed, etc). We also use these butchers because we can trust them to give us our meat back and only our meat back. We are extremely careful with this as this is a common problem with butchers, particularly with organ meats. Our butchers also don’t batch process anything (batch processing is when a butcher will take meat from multiple customers and grind it all up together). When we drop off animals at our butcher we are getting our meat back and only our meat back!

We will only raise chickens that are able to forage, walk, run, and live healthy lives for their entire life. They free range on green pastures without cages, pens, or chicken ‘tractors’. Their forage is supplemented with only Certified Organic Feed. We won’t raise hybrid chickens that almost all other producers raise that can't even walk. The breeds we use don’t get as big as typical meat chickens but make the tastiest and healthiest chicken. We raise a breed that is healthy, lively and forages until the day they go to the processor.

All commercially grown meat chickens in the US (and all the meat chickens in any grocery store and all the chicken in restaurants including organic chickens) are Cornish cross hybrid chickens that grow incredibly fast and are butchered around 6 weeks old. They are so hybridized that they can hardly walk, if at all, and when they get close to butchering age they are dying from liver and heart failure because of their incredible growth rate. They are incapable of living much past 6 weeks old. We believe chickens should be able to walk, run, forage, and be healthy if allowed to continue to grow. For more information on our chicken: BP Farms Chicken

When you purchase a share of beef or pork what you're actually purchasing are shares of live animals which are processed on your behalf. That’s why the quantities are halves, quarters, etc. and are priced by hanging weight because you’re purchasing a ‘share’ of an animal which is processed according to your instructions. When the animal you’re getting a share of goes to the butcher, I give the butcher instructions on how you’d like your share processed.

Depending on how much you order, you’ll have some choices on what cuts you get from your share. Orders for a half of beef or a half of pork can be butchered however the customer likes, limited by what the butcher will do. Orders for quarters and eighths will get more common butchering options since the entirety of each half has to be butchered the same way, and we have to choose options that work best for all parties getting meat from the half.

When you purchase a quarter you're not purchase a particular portion of the animal like a hind quarter or a front quarter. Our quarters are split halves. You'll get half of the half. You'll receive half of all the cuts that came from the half.

No. Whatever size order you place with us is the size order you will receive. If you want to receive two quarters you’ll have to order two quarters. If you want to order a half but need it split into quarters you can split it up yourself once you get it. But, if you order a half you’ll receive a half. If you order a whole pork you'll receive a whole pork and it will not be seperated into halves.

We have a full range of products in stock that can be purchased without a pre-order. No maximums, no minimums, no wait! For a full list of the beef, pork, chicken and egg products we keep in stock please see our price sheet (email us for a current price sheet, bpfarmsllc at gmail dot com). To order products we keep in stock just email us with a list what you’d like and when you’d like to pick it up at our farm in Dundee and we’ll have it ready for you when you get here. Our general hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday but we aren’t always here so let us know when you plan to come.  We also sell beef and pork by the share.

Our meat chickens forage and free range without cages, pens, or chicken ‘tractors’. We raise healthy lively chickens that can forage, run, jump, play, and that act like chickens! We will not raise the cornish hybrid chickens that are sold in stores and that most farms sell that can't even walk.  Our chickens get about half thier diet from forage and their forage is supplemented with only Certified Organic Feed (which is always Non-GMO). For more information on our chicken: BP Farms Chicken

Our cattle eat grass on pasture or hay when pasture isn’t available (winter or drought) and never get any grain or soy. For our poultry and pork, we use only Certified Organic Feed (which means it's also Non-GMO) to supplement their forage. The pigs and chickens get about half of their diet or more from forage.  You can download a list of the ingredients in our feeds here: BP Farms Feed Ingredients

All of our products are grown using only sustainable, environmentally friendly, agricultural practices without the use of antibiotics, hormones/steroids, medications, pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified products (GMOs). All our livestock are humanely raised on pasture.

We raise 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef, Organic Pastured Heritage Pork, Organic Pastured Heritage Brown Eggs, and Organic Pastured Free Range Chicken on our small family farm. We sell our products both direct to consumer from the farm and wholesale.  We keep a full range of products in stock for immediate purchase from our farm and we also sell shares of beef and pork (halves, quarters, etc.).

Absolutely! They are unedited emails and texts we've received from real customers without us requesting any feedback either. No embellishing on our part.

We use only certified organic feeds & supplements which means they are also all Non-GMO. Non-GMO foods that are not organic are full of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, etc.) and often more chemically loaded than GMO foods. It’s vitally important what the animals you eat eat. You should know what the animals you eat have been fed. That’s why we happily disclose our feed ingredients. Be leery of farms that won’t tell you what they feed their animals. Certified organic feed is expensive so if a farm doesn’t specifically state they are using only organic feed they aren’t! (See note 2 below for info on the difference between Non-GMO and organic.)

All seasoning and cures used in our pork processing are Certified Organic, soy-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free. This is rare and hard to find with farm-to-consumer pork. It’s also much more expensive. Many farms, even organic ones, take their animals to processors that use conventional pink cure which is full of chemicals and artificial preservatives (nitrates and nitrites).

We only use butchers that don’t batch process. This means they will not to mix meat from different farms together! We make absolutely sure we get our meat back from our butchers and only our meat!! The great majority of butchers, even small local family run butchers, combine the trimmings from all the beef or pigs from all the different farms who brought in animals that week and grind them up together. This is a very common practice and they usually do it without the customer's knowledge. The sausage and ground beef you pick up from those butchers is a mix from all the different animals that were brought in that week and who knows what those animals were fed? We will not use butchers who do that. Most butchers also don't keep track of the organ meats so the liver you pick up likely isn't from your animal. We make sure we get our meat back and only our meat back!

All orders are packed in boxes and stored in freezers at our farm until you pick them up and you can get your order most any time Mon - Sat. You don’t need to bring coolers or boxes when you come to get your orders. Most other farms you have to go the butcher to pick up your meat during limited butcher’s hours and pack the meat yourself when you get there. This also allows us to charge one price and you don’t have to pay the farm and processor separately. We simplify the process by placing the order with us and picking it up from us.