All of our chickens forage and free range without cages, pens or chicken tractors. Their forage is supplemented with only locally grown Certified Organic Feed.

We raise chickens that can walk, forage, and are lively, healthy birds which make highly nutritious and healthy chicken — unlike hybrid birds most farms raise that can hardly walk. Keep in mind that store bought chicken is regularly injected with saline — up to 15% of the weight you pay for in the store is added water.

There is one frozen chicken per shrink wrapped package. You can get them whole or cut into eight pieces. Click here to order online.

Chicken: $6.95/lb (3 to 6 lbs each)

Stewing Hens (whole w/neck): $4.95/lb

Chicken Feet: $3.95/lb

Chicken Necks or Backs: $4.95/lb

Chicken Organs: $2.95/lb (liver, heart, gizzard)