BP Farms is proud to be a part of the Livestock Conservancy and among their top heritage breeders. We take pride in caring for each of our unique breeds. Our animals are given the care they deserve, to provide you with quality organic beef, pork and chicken.

At BP Farms we care for several heritage breeds including –– Red Devon Cattle, American Milking Devon Cattle, Red Wattles Pigs and Rhode Island Red Chickens. We work with the Livestock Conservancy to preserve these animals. To ensure that our animals are purebred we send DNA reports of out animals for records and testing.

Our Red Devon Cattle are ruby red with black-tipped and white horns. These cattle are known for their high quality beef and rich milk. Their grazing ability makes them perfect for grass based raising.

American Milking Devon Cattle are red with black tipped white horns. They are well known for their adaptability to low input management and ability to thrive in harsh environments. These cattle are desired for their meat and large amounts of dairy production.

BP Farms’ Red Wattles Pigs are large hogs with fleshy wattle on each side of their neck. They come in a variety of shades of red, some having black spots or even red and black hair. These pigs are known for their foraging activity and rapid growth rate. They produce a lean meat known for its flavorful and tender quality.

Our Rhode Island Red Chickens are America’s favorite. They are well known for their egg production and tasty meat. Each hen produces about 200-300 eggs every year. Their eggs are large and brown. These chickens have the ability to handle various conditions while still producing quality eggs.

At BP Farms we take pride in producing quality breeds that provide quality meats. Our breeds only come from those listed on the Livestock Conservancy.

For more information on heritage breeds from the experts at BP Farms, please contact us here or call us directly at 734.344.1208.

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