Our heritage breed pastured pigs forage on green pastures. Their forage is supplemented with only locally grown Certified Organic Feed.

Our pork is processed without nitrates, nitrites, or other artificial preservatives. All seasonings and cures are certified organic, soy free, gluten free, filler-free, and GMO free. Click here to order online.

Bacon: $17.95/lb (1 lb packages)

Ham: $9.95/lb (hickory smoked)

Sausage Links: $8.95/lb – Bratwurst, Italian, Hot Ital. (4 links/pack, 1 lb)

Breakfast Sausage Links: $9.95/lb – Casingless (.60 lbs per pack)

Bulk Sausage: $7.95/lb (1 lb packages)

Ground Pork: $6.95/lb (1 lb packages)

Smoked Sausage: $9.95/lb (1 lb packages)

Pork Chops: $10.95/lb – Bone-in or Boneless (2 per package)

Pork Steaks: $6.95/lb (2 per package)

Pork Loin Roast: $8.95/lb – Bone-in or Boneless (3 lbs each)

Shoulder Roast (Picnic or Butt): $7.95/lb (3 lbs each)

Spare Ribs, Country Ribs: $7.95/lb

Baby Back Ribs: $10.95/lb

Hocks: $4.95/lb (hickory smoked)

Pork Bones: $3.95/lb

Pork Fat: $1.95/lb (ground or solid, 5 lb pack)

Pork Heart, Tongue, Liver: $2.95/lb