Benefits of Eating Organic

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Choosing the right foods for your body and health never comes easy. A simple step everyone can take — choose foods labeled Certified Organic.

Certified organic foods have not been treated with chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. They are also always non-GMO. The chemicals in non-organic foods have health risks whereas certified organic foods eliminate those risks.

There are many benefits to eating certified organic foods, including:

1. Improving your overall fitness. Non-organic foods contain fewer nutrients, antioxidants, and other important substances that contribute to our overall health and fitness. Foods that are organic keep your body strong by having 60% more antioxidants which help heal the body’s cells and aid a quicker recovery after exercise.

2. Strengthening your immune system. Eating foods that are organic are a great way to get certain nutrients in your body. These nutrients work to strengthen your immune system. Non-organic foods and foods containing GMOs have been shown to cause immune system problems. By choosing organic products you lower the risk of illness while also getting a larger dose of some of the essential nutrients.

3. Keeps allergies under control. The amount of food allergies in the past few years has dramatically increased, and a lot of people have been reacting negatively to some of those foods that are not organic. Certified organic foods significantly decrease the chance of developing allergic reactions due to the fact that they have far less allergens in them.

4. Organic products are more natural. When food is natural, it supports healthy living and sustainability aside from increasing the overall quality of life. Some toxins that are in non-organic foods have proven to cause disease over time. Choosing foods that are certified organic are better for your body and helps your body in the long run.

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