Benefits of Eating Heritage Breeds

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Often times people overlook the quality of beef, pork, chicken and eggs they choose to purchase and eat. While the meat you’re eating may taste good, it’s most likely bad for you and even worse for the environment. Meat from heritage breeds remains your best choice as a healthy consumer.

Heritage breeds are purebred livestock and poultry, often found listed on the Livestock Conservancy. They are known for their foraging, longevity and the ability to mate naturally. Heritage breeds are usually not more profitable. That’s why for the most part they aren’t commercially used. They are much healthier and heartier animals (meaning less prone to disease) but cost significantly more to raise. They are also more parasite resistant than commercial breeds.

Naturally raised heritage breeds are raised without the use of steroids, preservatives or other chemicals, providing healthier meat for you and your family. Because they are raised naturally, they are also better for the environment rather than commercial hybrid breeds.

Because of the demand for cheap and quickly produced meat, heritage breeds are becoming more and more rare. Heritage breeds are often given large areas to forage, healthy diets and lots of exercise. Many heritage breeds produce fattier meat which is why many stopped being used during the ‘low-fat’ diet craze. As you know, lean meat isn’t healthier, fattier meat is. Many vitamins and nutrients are only found in the fat. Which is one reason why heritage breeds are healthier because they produce healthy fat. Meat from heritage breeds may be more expensive, however the result is natural tasting, overall better meat.

However, purchasing meat, dairy and eggs from heritage breeds promotes the preservation of their kind. Many heritage breeds are endangered because of their need for long raising time. Because commercial breeds are cost less and are quicker to raise, they are overtaking the market, ultimately eliminating the need for heritage breeds.

Cattle, hogs, chickens, turkeys, goats and other heritage breeds provide natural and quality meats, dairy and eggs. Provide your family with the food they deserve, by purchasing from heritage breeds. Heritage beef, chicken, turkey and pork not only tastes better but also supports the local communities and endangered breeds.

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